Hanford - Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant (WTP)

"The Vit Plant" is the cornerstone of the massive efforts to clean up the 56 million gallons of nuclear waste stored at the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington. The waste, including Plutonium from the Manhattan Project, has been accumulating in underground tanks since the 1940s. Once becoming operational, this facility will convert the waste into glass, stabilizing it for extremely long-term storage using an experimental process called Vitrification. There are three nuclear treatment buildings, along with numerous support buildings and miles of underground utilities. Site work began on the WTP in 2001. Patriot has been on site, working directly for Bechtel since 2003. Our sprinkler piping is part of 193 total miles of pipe to be installed in the complex. This is the federal government's largest construction project in the world, currently underway. The plant is anticipated to become operational within the next few decades. For more information, visit the project website here: http://www.hanfordvitplant.com/

  • Location: Hanford, WA
  • Square Footage: 22 Structures over 65 Acres
  • Completion Date: Currently Under Construction